Olé, Amigos!

Welcome to Stillwater's hole-in-the-wall cantina!

Since 1987 we've been servin' up hot times in Stillwater.  Our FRESH salsas, sizzlin' HOT fajitas and extensive WILD tequila bar are guaranteed to make you smile as big as Jose himself. 

Mexico Joe's opened in 1987 in its original location behind Cowboy Mall across from the OSU campus.  Cozy is probably the best description for our old location!  Many of our guests remember the old days of hour-long waits on busy days.  We had lots of good times there, but we needed some more room!

In 1993 construction began on the new Mexico Joe's.  It was the first of the Fab Four restaurants to be built from the ground up.  The unique design resembles an old Mexican village from the exterior while the new interior allows for more seating and a more festive atmosphere.  We also added a patio for dining under the stars.

The new Mexico Joe's is located on Hall of Fame Rd. between Main St. and Perkins Rd.

Impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of Mexico Joe's with these fun facts:

Fact 1:  The Mural:  The mural in our "Hole in the Wall" dining area was painted by Stillwater artist Mike Staubus.  Mike also does all of the design work for Eskimo Joe's including the yearly anniversary tee.

If you look closely there is an open window in the closest building on the left.  Inside you will see Eskimo Joe's coat hanging up.  See if you can figure out the rest of the story when you look at the whole picture again!

Fact 2:  Who is Mexico Joe?  Mexico Joe is Eskimo Joe's cousin.  His name is actually Jose.

Fact 3:  The Burro's Name?  Why, it's Bucky, of course!



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